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Account Info cTrader
Minimum Deposit $25
Maximum capital Unlimited
Margin call %100
Leverage 1:20 ~ 3000
Spread Min/Floating
Commission Minimum
Stop Out %40
Base Currency USD
Cashback Non
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Trading accounts

Otet brokerage has put up six packages or trading accounts for their clients. The MT5 platform supports five trading account models: Swap-Free, Classic, ECN, Premium, and Crypto, while one account model is linked to the cTrader platform and goes by the same name.

The minimum deposit to the Otet wallet is $25. However, the minimum deposit requirement to open a trading account varies depending on the type of account.

In Otet, SWAP FREE and Classic accounts are opened with a minimum deposit of $25, ECN and Standard accounts are opened with a minimum deposit of $25, and Premium accounts are opened with a minimum deposit of $10,000.

For scalpers who trade on short timeframes, ECN and Premium Otet accounts, which have the lowest spreads, are more suitable.

For gold trading, it is better to have an account with the lowest spread. Therefore, ECN and Premium Otet accounts are more suitable for this purpose.

Accounts like Beginner and Classic, which have the lowest spread and commission, are more suitable for entering the world of trading. (To learn about the registration process in Otet, please read the file below.)
By enabling the ‘Two-Factor Authentication' feature and the anti-phishing system, you can enhance the security of your account. (To activate this feature, please read the file below.)

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