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Forex, also known as the 'foreign exchange market,' is a decentralized platform for conducting international currency transactions. It is the world's largest investment market. more

Metal trading involves the purchase and sale of precious metals, typically including gold, silver, and platinum. This activity is closely intertwined with the forex market.

IIndices gauge the performance of a collection of stocks, allowing traders to make more informed decisions in the global financial markets and mitigate risks effectively. more

Energy markets serve as structured economic systems that facilitate the functioning and trading of circulating energy resources.

The US stock market is primarily composed of the New York Stock Exchange, where shares of publicly traded companies are issued, purchased, and traded. more
US Stocks

Euro area stocks pertain to nations that adopt the euro currency. These stocks encompass a range of companies within sectors such as banking and technology. more
EU Stocks

Trading cryptocurrencies via a brokerage's trading account enables you to engage in speculative activities based on the price fluctuations of these digital currencies.
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To facilitate the identification and categorization of various assets in international markets, a unique symbol is assigned to each one so that traders can easily identify the asset they are trading.

Trading contracts for forex, metals, energy, stocks, digital currency, and indices are offered at Otet Markets brokerage.

Most of the symbols with high trading value are offered at Otet Brokerage. You can see their complete list in the dedicated panel of clients, the special section of trading symbols.

Each of the trading symbols in different markets has different commissions and fees, which can be seen through the trading platforms.

CFD, short for Contract For Difference, is a financial contract that allows traders to profit from the price movements of assets without physically owning those assets. Traders can benefit from the price difference between buying and selling these assets.

The most popular trading stocks include shares of large companies such as Apple (AAPL.OQ), Amazon (AMZN.OQ), Starbucks (SBUX.OQ), Tesla (TSLA.OQ), Microsoft (MSFT.OQ), Google (Alphabet) (GOOG.OQ), and Nvidia (NVDA.OQ).

The most popular trading indices are the Dow Jones (DJ30.c), Nasdaq (USTEC.c), and S&P 500 (US500.c).

OtetMarkets brokerage offers more than 500 trading symbols in various financial markets, including forex, metals, indices, energy, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

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