The Exciting $400K Otet Journey Concludes

Otet Markets 4x4 Prop Trading

40 Days of Trading, 40 Winning Traders

Our trading adventure with Otet's 4x4 Prop, which kicked off on November 4th, has wrapped up today, January 24th.

40 days of trading with over $400,000 in trading capital assistance for 40 winners.

Otet 4 x 4 Prop Trading:

In Prop Trading, Otet provides traders with the capital they need.

Minimum Deposit Amount

Important Points in Otet Prop Trading:

Benefits of Otet Markets Prop Trading:


Trading accounts

Prop trading, also known as proprietary trading, is a preferred investment method for many traders worldwide. In this method, a portion of the capital required for trading is provided by a company, organization, or broker, and in the end, the profits from the trades are shared among the participants according to specific rules.

The initial account opening for participating in 4×4 Prop Trading with Otet Markets is $250, and any deposit is counted as a point for the drawing to select the traders.

Yes, participating in the Otet Prop Trading program is entirely free. Traders simply open a trading account with a minimum deposit of $250 at Otet Markets and start their trades.

All traders can open as many $250 accounts as they wish in the Otet Markets without any limitations. After fulfilling the Prop Trading rules by making 10 lots of trades within the specified time frame, 40 traders are selected through a draw.

The prerequisite for participation in Otet Prop Trading is to open an initial $250 account, but traders can increase their chances of winning by participating with larger amounts. Each $250 deposit is counted as a positive point, and the final draw is based on the total points obtained.

More than $400,000 in trading capital is provided to the 40 winners of the Prop Trading program. The rules related to this will be announced upon the drawing to the Prop winners.

Increasing capital and trade volume directly affect the profitability of the trades. Otet Markets provides over $400,000 as trading capital to participating traders, and they share the final profits. According to the rules of the Otet 4×4 Prop, a portion of the profit goes to the trader, and a portion goes to the broker. This method allows traders to increase their initial capital for trades and simultaneously boost their profitability.

No, participation in Otet Prop Trading is entirely risk-free. Since joining the Prop Trading with Otet is entirely free and traders participate with their initial capital of $250, there is no risk involved. If they are selected as Prop winners according to the announced conditions, they will receive capital assistance for their trades. If they are not among the selected traders, they have not paid any initial fees, and the trading account opened is under their name, allowing them to continue with their trades.


No, the choice of trading symbols is entirely open for traders. Traders can choose from the offered trading symbols based on their capabilities and expertise in various financial markets.

To participate in the Prop Trading program, first, register with Otet Markets. Deposit the initial amount of $250 or more into your account to increase your chances in the draw. Create a trading account and transfer the deposited amount from your wallet to the opened trading account.

The choice of trading platform, MT5 and cTrader, and the type of trading account for participating in Prop Trading at Otet Markets is entirely up to the traders. The prerequisite for participating in the Prop is to deposit an initial amount ($250) into the account created and trade 10 lots within the specified time frame.

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