We Double Your Capital

To Celebrate Our Victory as The Best Crypto Broker Asia 2023!

Thanks to your trust, Otet Markets has won the "Best Crypto Broker Asia 2023" award from "Forex Awards." In appreciation of your support, we, at this brokerage, are introducing a bi-weekly plan to double the capital for new deposits.
"Forex Awards" reviews forex brokerage activities and, among those providing quality and innovative services to their clients, selects one as the best, awarding it a memorial prize. This year, Otet, among 30 Forex Awards nominees, all successful brokers in their field, received this prestigious award.
To celebrate this achievement, and as a token of our gratitude for your continuous support, we proudly present our "200% Bonus." This bonus serves as a trading credit to boost your capital. For every new deposit, we will charge your account 200% more, allowing you to trade with double the capital and potentially earn higher profits. For example, if you deposit $1,000, we add $2,000, making your account balance $3,000.
With this 200% bonus, you can perform trades and withdraw profits. However, the bonus itself is not withdrawable as it is provided as credit. The terms and conditions for receiving this bonus are outlined below.

Steps to Receive the 200% Bonus

This bonus is exclusive to Otet brokerage clients. Therefore, if you haven't registered with Otet yet, you can use the account creation guide provided by the following link. After registration, you will be automatically added to the list of eligible bonus recipients. If you already have an account, simply log in to your Otet account to receive the bonus. Charge your wallet with the desired amount and transfer any portion you wish to your trading account.

Please note that this bonus is only applicable to the amounts you have deposited into your trading account and is not related to the balance of your wallet. For example, during the bonus period, you might charge $5,000 into your Otet wallet but only transfer $1,000 of it to your trading account. In this case, the bonus will only be applicable to that $1,000, and your account will be charged an additional 200%, totally $3,000; the $2,000 credited as bonus is non-withdrawable and can only be used for trading. However, you can withdraw the profits generated from these trades.

This plan also has a limit of $4,000. For example, if you charge your account with $2,000, automatically a $4,000 bonus will be credited to it, and the total capital available for your trades will be $6,000. However, if you deposit more than $2,000 into your trading account, a maximum bonus of $4,000 will be credited, and it will not exceed the specified limit.

Terms and Conditions


Trading accounts
Yes, to receive the 200% bonus, you must have a new deposit in your Otet dashboard wallet. Then, transfer any amount you want to receive the bonus to your MetaTrader trading accounts.

To receive this bonus, you must be a customer of Otet and open at least one live trading account in MetaTrader. Then, for each new deposit, you will receive a 200% bonus automatically. Additional information about the terms of receiving the 200% bonus can be found in the attached file.

No, almost all bonuses offered by Otet are provided periodically and within a specific time frame.

With each new deposit, the bonus is automatically added to your account. However, if you still have questions in this regard, you can inquire with Otet's 24/7 customer support. Our experts are ready to answer your questions instantly.

During the bonus period, each user can receive up to $4,000 in bonuses for each new deposit transferred to their user account. This is on the condition that they have not received bonuses on their other accounts.

No! With the 200% bonus, you can only perform trades, and if you make a profit, it is withdrawable. However, the bonus itself is not withdrawable as it is provided as credit.

To learn about new bonuses, you can visit the Otet Plus page or follow Otet's emails and social media

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