Bonus Plus

100 From You, 50 From Us!

How About 150%?

Our 50% Bonus Plus is a special offer designed to provide you with extra trading capital. It works like this: for every amount you deposit, we add 50% more to it, allowing you to have more capital for potentially higher profits. For example, if you deposit $1,000, we will add $500 to it, making your account balance $1,500. With this 50% bonus, you can engage in trading, and any profits you make are fully withdrawable. However, please note that the bonus itself is not withdrawable because it is provided as a trading credit. There are specific terms and conditions associated with receiving and using this bonus, which we will explain below.

Steps to Receive the 50% Bonus

This bonus is only available to Otet customers. So, if you haven't registered with Otet yet, you can use the account creation guide link for assistance. After registration, you'll automatically be added to the list of eligible bonus recipients. If you already have an account, simply log in to your Otet account. Top up your wallet with any desired amount and transfer any portion of it to your trading account.
Please note that this bonus is only applicable to the amounts you deposit into your trading account and is not related to the balance of your wallet. For example, during the bonus period, you may top up your Otet wallet with $5,000, but only transfer $2,000 of it to your trading account. In this case, the bonus will only apply to that $2,000, and your account will be credited with an additional 50%, making a total of $3,000. The $1,000 received as credit cannot be withdrawn and can only be used for trading. However, you can withdraw profits earned from these trades.
This scheme also has a limit of $2,000. For instance, if you top up your account with $4,000, $2,000 of the bonus will be automatically credited. If you deposit more than $4,000 into your trading account, a maximum of $2,000 in bonus will be applied, and it will not exceed the defined limit.

Terms and Conditions for Receiving the 50% Bonus Plus:


Trading accounts
To receive this bonus, you must be a customer of Otet Brokerage and open at least one Live trading account on MetaTrader. Then, for each deposit, you will receive a 50% bonus. You can find more details about the conditions for receiving the Bonus Plus in the file below.

No, almost all bonuses offered by Otet are provided periodically within a specified timeframe.

The bonus is automatically credited to your account. However, if you have any questions in this regard, you can inquire with Otet 24/7 support team. Our experts are available to assist you promptly.

During the bonus period, each user can only take advantage of the 50% deposit increase once.

No! With this 50% bonus, you can only do trades, and any profits earned are withdrawable. However, the bonus itself is non-withdrawable as it is granted in the form of credit.

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