By the Comoros union, Otet Group LTD have satisfied all the record requirements in respect of incorporation under international business company Act, That’s all the requirements of said Act in respect of incorporation have been complied with.Company License No: T2023304 Company Registered No: HY00523012


Otet Group LTD is the trust company of the Marshall Islands incorporation of majuro, republic of the Marshall Islands being the duly appointed register agent of Otet Group LTD, which corporation number 118922


Otet Group LTD is regulated and licensed by the Saint Lucia Financial Services Regulatory Authority, in accordance with the standards of the Saint Lucia International Financial Center. We are registered under Pinnacle St. Lucia in the Registry of International Business Companies and International Trusts (IBC), holding the registration number 2023-00595.

Bloomberg's LEI (Legal Entity Identifier)

Otet Group Ltd’s LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) as a register number is, 254900HJ0CZRZVRN8C30 for entities which involved in financial markets, to ensure compliance, transparency and clarity in financial transactions, making it easier for regulatory authorities and financial institutions to track and monitor these entities.


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Otet Markets Group LTD

Yes, all activities of Otet Markets are conducted under the supervision of regulators. The brokerage is registered in the Marshall Islands with registration number 118922 and is regulated by the Union of the Comoros with license number T2023304 and registration number HY00523012. Additionally, it is regulated by Saint Lucia and has a financial activity certificate with the number 254900HJ0CZRZVRN8C30 from Bloomberg’s website.

The central office of Otet Markets brokerage is located in Limassol, Cyprus.

To collaborate as a business partner with Otet, after verifying your identity, log in to your user account and click on the ‘Links’ option in the IB Room section to register your IB link activation request. After approval, you will be provided with a collaboration link, and any user who registers and trades using this link will have their trading commission charged to your exclusive wallet as an IB. For other collaborations, you can also send an email to the organizational email address at [email protected].

Obtaining a Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) from Bloomberg confirms the transparency of Otet Markets’ financial activities and ensures the security of traders’ capital. This identifier allows for a comprehensive examination of all financial activities of this broker. Bloomberg, as one of the most reputable financial news agencies globally, has been a trusted source for financial analysis and global news for years, earning the trust of financial professionals.

The reputable site MyFXBook introduces top global brokers. Being listed on this site is not easy, and the presence of Otet Markets proudly signifies a high level of credibility and customer-centric approach. Apart from enhancing Otet Markets’ credibility, being among the elite on MyFXBook provides opportunities for collaboration with professional traders, creating a valid resume for traders, observing the broker’s live spreads in real-time, and displaying competitiveness in spreads for each symbol. Professional traders can only build a portfolio of their successes by collaborating with brokers listed on this website.

Otet Markets operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and due to the non-stop nature of cryptocurrency markets, even on official holidays, the brokerage’s support team is available to assist customers.

Our primary priority at Otet is our customers, and with a belief in the high position of customers in our brokerage, we base our activities on providing advanced facilities, expediting and facilitating financial transactions, and providing quick and accurate responses to customers.

Yes, you can have any questions or challenges 24/7. You can get in touch with our experts through online chat or by sending a ticket. You can find a visual guide on how to submit a ticket in the file below.

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